Mother Advisor (Konselor Ibu/Psikolog) - Flores


Mother Advisor (Konselor Ibu/Psikolog)  - Flores


Main responsibilities:

  • Identify recruitment needs and implement the recruitment and selection procedure for the position of mother and aunt in order to fulfill the needs of the mother and aunt positions for each house in accordance with the standards
  • Working closely with the Social Service to provide counseling to children - children who are victims of violence and trafficking to assist other institution and expand the network to other institutions that have the same focus with SOS effectively


  • Bachelor's degree or master degree of Psychology in counseling and clinical / psychologist
  • Minimum age 28 years
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office application
  • Full-Time - Long term commitment
  • Best interest to child, leadership coordinator, problem Solving
  • Has an extensive network of children's education, care and mentoring
  • Knowledge of Child Protection
  • Willing to traveling
  • Work placement in Flores - Waturia

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Subject Mother Advisor – Flores

No later than June 18th, 2022

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