HSBC - Visit to Village Flores

Since 2012, SOS Children's Villages Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia are in cooperation in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in which the two parties continue to provide assistance for a qualified care for all children in Indonesia, especially the SOS Children's Village in Indonesia. In 2015 HSBC Indonesia's team visited one of the Villages where the location is famous for its natural beauty, SOS Children's Villages Maumere, Flores. The team of HSBC Indonesia was represented by Mr. Yudhi Sutrisna, Mario Lengkey, Ayu Widyaningtyas, and Sarah Nabila Aulia .

The visit was lasted for 3 days and 2 nights where HSBC Indonesia team interacted directly with the children and the foster mother in the Villages Maumere. Since the day they arrived, the HSBC team has been greeted with a welcome dance from Flores local people as well as dinner with foster children and foster mothers. In the opening ceremony the volunteer and the participants got to know the culture, value and a sense of family from SOS Children's Village Flores.

SOS Children's Villages Indonesia and Tim HSBC Indonesia visited the SOS Children's Villages Indonesia Kindergarten where they interacted directly by taught and play with children. The team also visited the locations of the FSP (Family Strengthening Program) to see the children and family’s activity in the locations FSP. Team HSBC Indonesia saw the results that have been created by citizens whom was assited by FSP SOS CV Flores and saw the teaching process lead by the founder FSP to children in developing education.

In this visit, HSBC Indonesia team held a discussion with the young people in SOS CV Flores about their dream, aspiration and the professional world. This information is needed by the youth in determining and building their future. At the final of the event, there were performances of art created by children of SOS CV Flores, SOS CVI Team and HSBC Indonesia team made the event so amazing and festive.

The children of FBC and FSP felt the care and encouragement from those activities and visits. They don’t feel alone anymore because there are many people who helped and care of them, such as HSBC Indonesia. Hopefully this visit will be a blessing for SOS Children's Villages Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia in improving the quality of care for children throughout Indonesia.


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