HSBC - Grow with Smile

SOS Children's Villages Indonesia, together with HSBC Indonesia entered their fourth year of partnership. Previously HSBC Indonesia has supported a number of SOS working sites starting from SOS Children’s Village Jakarta, Lembang, Flores, and Aceh. Towards the end of 2015, HSBC Indonesia once again supports SOS Children's Villages Indonesia that focuses on the development of Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) in Lembang.

By supporting the on-going FSP program, HSBC Indonesia in collaboration with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia initiated the side-program called "Grow With Smile". This program focuses on the development of Education, Environment, and Entrepreneur. With the vision and mission to make FSP Lembang families become self-sufficient, HSBC Indonesia hopes their support will be beneficial for the FSP beneficiaries. This program will be undertaken eight times on regular basis for the next year with various activities or training for community members of FSP Lembang.

The Grow with Smile program was held from 31 October to 1 November 2015 in Village Lembang. The event took place in the Hall of Lembang Villages and received positive response from the community members of FSP Lembang. They welcomed volunteers with Jaipong Dance and musical instruments performance (Jimbe) by FSP community’s children, while enjoying a meal served by the mothers from FSP community. The event was attended by Mrs. Nuni Sutyoko as Head of Corporate Sustainability and John Rosi as Chief Operation Officer, whoexpress encouragement and support to the participants; the children, mothers and volunteers.

The first activity of the day was attended by 50 participants from FSP community, aged 9-13 years old and they made some crafts such as piggy bank made from clay. They were assisted by volunteers from HSBC Indonesia. This activity was very useful for children and volunteers since it stimulated interactions as well as team-work in making those crafts. Activities that lasted for 2 hours encouraged the children to become more creative. While improving their creativity, they could also interact with people outside their environment, so that they could improve selfconfidence and gain new experiences.

The program continued with "sharing sessions" in the evening allowing the volunteers to get to know more about SOS Children's Villages Indonesia particularly Lembang village and FSP Lembang. The volunteers looked very enthusiastic by asking many questions and sharing opinions and ideas about the program.
On the second day, in the morning session,, the volunteer team and SOS Children's Villages Indonesia did a morning exercise by walking along some areas where the FSP community did their daily activity. They also visited the homes of FSP beneficiaries. It ended at the Bosscha, which also became a place to rest for that day.

On the second day, the voluntary activity was painting some facilities in the village namely the meeting hall and basketball court. The program also provided assistance to the communities, in particular Lembang FSP Bosshca communities, such as providing equipments to repaint public facilities (health care centre and Mosque) and two houses. HSBC Indonesia expects that the supports given could give benefits to the communities in a long term. The volunteers were divided into two teams to paint the meeting hall and basketball courts for three hours. The volunteers worked with passion and enthusiasm to make sure that those public facilities were well-painted and were inits best condition so that they could be used in a long period of time by many people.

The activities that were held for 2 days gave positive impacts to the local residents and volunteers HSBC themselves. This initial stage of partnership is expected to bring mutual interaction both to HSBC and SOS Children’s Villages as well as improve the lives of families and children.

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