DHL - Public Speaking

SOS Children's Villages Indonesia

DHL Indonesia missions in improving the quality of teenager’s life in Indonesia, was realized by one program called "Go Teach". This time, the program invites children of SOS Children's Villages Cibubur to introduce them and teach them about how to speak and deal with other people and how to speak properly in public.

The speaker who hosted this event was Matthew Utomo who has a background as a television reporter. In this Public Speaking training program, children are taught about the basics of public speaking, starting from the choice of words, voice tones, gestures in speaking, and other things that are needed by the teenagers of SOS Children's Villages Cibubur in everyday life and for the professional world that they will face in the future. And the volunteers of DHL help the teenagers SOS Children's Villages Cibubur as a mentor in each group have been divided. The participants were given materials for discussion and learning presented in the group.

And at the end of each session, the participants tried to do a public speaking in front of their friends and DHL Indonesia team. As a result, they looked more comfortable and confident in speaking publicly. And hopefully, the knowledge that has been taught in this program can be equipped and used when the teenager enter the professional world.

sos Children's Villages Indonesia

Hopefully in the furute, the knowledge that was given in this programme will give a positive impact for the teenagers in Flores. And SOS Childrens’s Village hopes that this kind of positive activity will last until the missions of both party will be accomplished. SOS Children’s Village is looking forward to be in this positive program in the furute.


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