DHL - Back To Nature

Knowing is essential. If someone knows himself, he will be able to lead himself and achieve his dreams. It inspires DHL Indonesia, an international logistics service provider, in cooperation with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia, inviting 30 teens and adults aged 15-22 years old. The participants were taught to identify themselves and build positive habits through activities called “Back to Nature”.

“Back to Nature” program aims to create awareness to protect the environment and develop the ability in self management, which is the basis of the ability to lead the others.

Taking place in Conservation Park Hunting, Mountain Masigit Kaerumbi, West Java, in October 2015. DHL Indonesia through its staffs of voluntary program "GoTeach" were encouraging the participants to make assessments or judgments about how they saw themselves and how much leadership they had to be able to lead themselves and analyze their capability in delivering aspirations. Meanwhile Back to Nature is a 2-day-program dedicated to strengthen the leadership skill and to promote eco-friendly behavior amongst the youth.

These programs provided a space for participants to build a caring attitude that could help protect the environment. This activity also involved group activities in order to explore the ability of participants to survive in a difficult situation. In addition, DHL volunteers participated in team building - and jungle survival class. Participants of SOS Children's Villages shared their knowledge about eco-friendly activities in daily life and how to live with the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Re -use. At the end of the program, the participants were invited to adopt a tree allowing the participants to monitor its growth through online application.

Overall, DHL has three major corporate responsibility programs namely “GoTeach”, “Go Green,” and “Go Help.” GoTeach aims to improve educational opportunities, as well as basic skills for the youth.  GoGreen Program is designed to maintaining the quality of the environment and GoHelp is aimed to provide training for emergencies caused by natural disasters.

In cooperation with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia, DHL expects the participants can apply the knowledge and the information obtained during activities tomake them become empowered-individuals who could envision and create what they want to pursue in life.

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