SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia is a part of SOS-Kinderdorf International which is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit social development organization, working exclusively in the public interest. Its objectives are:

  • To provide specialist care and support for orphaned and abandoned children through the SOS Children’s Villages.
  • To support children, young persons and families in need through the establishment of social centers, schools and vocational training centers.
  • To advocate and promote the rights of children throughout the world.
  • To work with international organizations, and promote world-wide understanding and exchange of knowledge on child care issues.
  • To serve as a model of long-term family based care.

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Deputy National Director / DND (Bandung)


  • Support the National Director in implementation of programme policies and Strategic Plan. 
  • Implement the SOS Children’s Village Manual. 
  • Together with the Programme Head and Village Directors formulate plans for family strengthening.
  • Formulate strategies for integration of youths in co-operation with the Programme Head & Village Directors.
  • Guide Village Directors in the formulation and implementation of annual plan.
  • In cooperation with Village Director, ensure arrangements for the education of children with special needs such as late beginners or low and high performers.
  • Adapt to changes and provide support to National Director to make necessary adjustments in the programme actions accordingly.
  • Participate in emergency-relief-programme in case of an emergency situation (war, etc.), according to the need at ground.
  • Support National Director in various meetings including NGO forums, Govt. Bodies, Donor
  • Represent the organisation on day to day basis as per assigned authority.


Educational Background:

  • Master Degree in organizational management

Experience Background:

  • At least 8 years leadership experience at a senior/executive level in a medium size organization from development sector.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in English and local language
  • Leadership and people management 
  • Ability to operate at strategic level and operationalize the plans in the field for time bound deliveries
  • Strong knowledge in Finance, administration and management
  • ICT and technical knowledge will be an advantage
  • Good analytical and advocacy skills
  • Indonesian and English language proficiency (oral and written)
  • Presentation skills is a must
  • Willing to travel as and when required
  • Knowledge of Child Protection
  • Competency in Integrity and Compliance
  • Willing to travel as and when required

Public Relations & Communications Manager (Jakarta)


  • Oversee proactive communication program
  • Manage press office for SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia 
  • Manage system for monitoring, distributing and analyzing media coverage 
  • Represent organization in external and internal events. 
  • Develop and implement internal engagement program. 
  • Manage internal communications channels. 
  • Manage performance and development of sub-ordinate, through regular feedback, supervision, supporting learning and the Performance development review process 


Educational Background:

  • Bachelor degree in public relation or communications. 
  • A minimum of 7-year experience in public relation. 
  • Minimum 2-year experience as a manager 

Experience Background:

  • Experience managing internal communications in geographically dispersed organization. 
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) in English and Indonesian language. 
  • Excellent knowledge in media work, including print, TV, radio, and online. 
  • Strong understanding of developments in social media and using social media channels to engage range of audiences. 
  • Mobilize people to communicate organization’s message. 
  • Ability of managing internal communications in geographically dispersed organization 
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills 
  • Knowledge of Child protection 
  • Competency in Integrity and Compliance 
  • The ability to manage change effectively 
  • Strong relationships and networking. 
  • Ability to work individually or in a team, in a flexible, multicultural and interdisciplinary environment 
  • Ability to present and explain data 
  • Systematic approach to tasks and organizing skills 
  • Placement in Jakarta Selatan – Jatipadang 
  • This position will be under Fund Development & Communication Department 

Donor Service Manager (Jakarta)


  • Key Performance Area’s:
  • Donor service Management
  • Lead the donor services team in the timely and effective operation and relationships with donors
  • Assure that donors’ data are administered in compliance with legal requirements and policies
  • Regularly assessing and improving processes and procedures to ensure the most effective administration of donor service
  • Manage a portfolio of current and prospective donors
  • Manage and act as first level escalation, coordination, referral and resolution of all complaints
  • Ensure that donors are thanked and receipted promptly and all donor concerns are addressed in a timely manner
  • Manage performance and development of sub-ordinate, through regular feedback, supervision, supporting learning and the Performance development review process.


  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • At least 1 years successful experience in fund-raising  & having 2 years experience in donor service
  • Minimum 2-year experience as a manager
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) in English and Indonesian language
  • Deep knowledge of donor relations and stewardship.
  • Ability to deal with difficult supporters and respond professionally to complaints and queries
  • High level of customer service skills
  • Knowledge of Child protection
  • Competency in Integrity and Compliance
  • Strong influence and thought leadership. 
  • Ability to present and explain data
  • Systematic approach to tasks and organizing skills
  • Willing to travel as and when required


FBC Educator (Jakarta)

  • Guides and supports each SOS mother to ensure the well-being of the SOS families.
  • Guides and supports the SOS youth care co-workers and promotes strong links between SOS families, youth care co-workers and village co-workers.
  • Provides framework conditions for families and children to grow.
  • Ensures that the individual needs and rights of children are addressed and respected. The rights and concerns of children are at the center of his/her work.
  • Ensures the implementation of the organization’s policies and guidelines, effective planning, evaluation, reporting and financial management.
  • Builds partnerships with the local community and government authorities and represents the SOS organization and its integrated approach (family-based child care, family strengthening, education and advocacy) to the internal and external environment.
  • Comes to terms with living both private life and profession and strives to bring them into balance his/her work is based on good and effective guidelines of leadership & management (e.g. human resources development etc) and child & youth care (e.g. child and family development etc). These two main task areas are equally important and complement each other.

  • Required skill(s): Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree / Post Graduate Degree, any field (Social Work is prioritized)
  • Excellent skills and expertise in hr/hrd, financial management skills, basic knowledge in fundraising and marketing, excellent knowledge and skills of pedagogical and psychological, basic comprehension of child, youth and family development, excellent knowledge of national child welfare and child care legislation At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor)s specializing in Social & Counselling Service or equivalent.
  • Full-Time position(s) available.
ICT Staff / ICT (Meulaboh)

Tanggung Jawab:
  • Memastikan ketersediaan servers dan jaringan in-house, dan jika diperlukan bekerja sama dengan IT service provider
  • Memberikan technical support, baik melalui telpon, email dan secara langsung mengenai pengoperasian desktops, laptops, printers and peralatan ICT lainnya
  • Memberikan technical services secara cepat dan akurat dari kegagalan sistem atau melibatkan pihak lain jika dibutuhkan
  • Mampu mengimplementasikan pengetahuan di dalam pekerjaan untuk menghasilkan efektivitas dan efisiensi
  • Membantu implementasi sistem komunikasi organisasi, termasuk mobile phone, koneksi internet, dan sistem telepon
  • Membantu pengembangan dan pengelolaan dokumen terkait peralatan ICT yang menjadi milik organisasi 
  • Mendukung pengguna komputer dengan memberikan pelatihan dan informasi yang dibutuhkan
  • Bekerja sama dengan tim teknis di lapangan untuk memastikan optimalisasi fungsi telecoms technology / datacomms dan infrastruktur jaringan untuk visitor attraction
  • Bekerja sama dengan conference dan banquet team untuk memastikan kontinuitas dan ketepatan waktu pengiriman telecoms dan technology support untuk pekerjaan secara berkesinambungan
  • Menyusun program kegiatan ICT bersama pembina
  • Menyusun rencana untuk meminimalisir resiko – resiko yang bisa didapat oleh anak – anak melalui penggunaan ICT misal social media abuse 

  • Max usia 35 tahun
  • Min D3 Sistem Informasi/Teknologi Informasi
  • Fresh graduate (pengalaman di bidang yang sama menjadi nilai tambah)
  • Memiliki pengetahuan mengenai infrastruktur Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi, Administrasi Jaringan & Keamanan Informasi
  • Memiliki jiwa pendidik
  • Best interest to the child

Mother Advisor / MA (Bali & Flores)

Tanggung Jawab:
  • Memetakan dan mengidentifikasi kebutuhan untuk rekrutmen Ibu SOS dan melakukan seleksi dan rekrutmen berdasarkan kebutuhan tsb, sesuai dengan HR Manual.
  • Mengoordinasi dan melakukan proses orientasi bagi Tante dan Ibu SOS sehingga mendapat pemahaman mengenai SOS Children’s Village Indonesia, pekerjaan dan peran Ibu SOS yang sesuai standar SOS Children’s Village Indonesia, dan memperkenalkan kondisi kerja Ibu SOS secara umum.
  • Mengarahkan Ibu SOS dalam hal perkembangan anak dan keluarga, pengembangan diri, dan organisasi, dan dapat melakukan perannya sebagai Ibu SOS sesuai standar yang menjadi guideline.
  • Melakukan perencanaan, memonitor, dan mengevaluasi Diskusi Pengembangan Keluarga (DPK) bersama Ibu dan Pembina/Village Director untuk membantu mengarahkan perkembangan pribadi Ibu dan keluarga.
  • Menyediakan bantuan dan mengoordinasi hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan administrasi HR (dokumen, status, cuti, dll), bekerja sama dengan Pembina/Village Director dan Departemen HROD sehingga dapat didokumentasikan dan accessible.
  • Bertanggung jawab untuk membuat buletin mengenai Ibu 3 bulanan sehingga dapat membantu sharing informasi dan melihat perkembangan Ibu antar village.
  • Menyediakan dan mengoordinasi bantuan yang dibutuhkan anak dalam hal perkembangan fisik dan psikologis, sehingga Ibu SOS dapat memenuhi perannya.
  • Bekerja sama dengan pemerintah dan jaringan eksternal lainnya untuk memberikan pendampingan bagi anak yang membutuhkan, termasuk anak yang berhadapan dengan hukum, korban kekerasan, korban trafficking, dll dan memberi masukan mengenai pengasuhan keluarga ke lembaga-lembaga terkait.

  • Max usia 40 tahun
  • Min S1 Psikologi
  • Psikolog, S2 Psikologi konseling/klinis
  • Memiliki jaringan yang luas mengenai pendidikan anak, pengasuhan dan pendampingan
  • Administrasi, dan memiliki jiwa leadership
  • Memiliki jiwa pendidik
  • Best interest to the child
Face to Face Fundraiser / F2F (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo & Surabaya)

Job Description :
  • Dissemination child rights
  • Support organisation's program about alternative care (family based care, family strengthening programme and others alternative care variances)
  • Fundraising at public area
Minimum Qualifications :
  • Age between 18 - 30 years old
  • Candidate must possess at least a SMU, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, any field.
  • Required skill(s): persuasive, communicative, dynamic, self confidence, best interest to the child, good in individual and teamwork, has commitment and loyality
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply (has experience in sales/marketing/fundraising is advantage)
  • Full-Time position(s) available
  • Basic salary
  • Communication allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Meal allowance
  • Bonus
  • National and International training

Interested applicants should send their application via e-mail to (Max 25MB). It is must for all the applicants to mention the designation in the subject line of e-mail while sending their application.

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